Canadian_maple_leaf_22016 CPS Business Meeting – Philadelphia, PA

Scott Matthews presents the Mildred A. Schwartz Lifetime Achievement Award to Keith Banting.
Scott Matthews (L) presents the Mildred A. Schwartz Lifetime Achievement Award to Keith Banting (C) with Mildred Schwartz .
Scott Matthews (L) and Keith Banting.

2015 CPS Business Meeting – San Francisco, September 3rd

Canadian Politics Reception – Canadian Embassy, Washington, DC  August 2014

Bashevkin_Schwartz_WashingtonDC_Sept2014 Dornan_Schwartz_WashingtonDC_Sept2014

Mildred Schwartz (right) presenting Dr. Sylvia Bashevkin and Dr. Charles Doran with the 2014 “Mildred A. Schwartz Lifetime Achievement Awards” at the annual CPS meeting held in August at the Canadian Embassy, Washington, DC.



Canadian Politics Reception – Chicago Hilton, August 2013


Mildred Schwartz presenting the 2013 “Mildred A. Schwartz Lifetime Achievement Award” to R. Kenneth Carty.


Stuart Soroka (L) and Chris Wlezein (R) receive the 2013 “Seymour Martin Lipset Best Book Award” from Louise Carbert, Selection Committee Chair.


Larry Leduc (L) and Richard Matland (R) talking with former US Ambassador to Canada, David Jacobson, at the CPS reception.


Kent Weaver and Richard Johnston


Harold Clarke and Marianne Stewart toasting the Seymour Martin Lipset Best Book Award winners!

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